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Sharon Howard, R.D., M.S., C.D.E., L.D.N., F.A.N.D.

Sharon O’Melia Howard R.D., M.S., C.D.E., L.D.N., F.A.D.A., the owner of Nutrition for Living, is a registered dietitian with more than 30 years of experience counseling individuals with nutrition issues such as diabetes, weight loss, eating disorders, lipid disorders, celiac disease, renal disease, sports medicine, bariatric nutrition, childhood obesity and improving family health. As a Charter Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association), she is certified by the C.D.R in Adult and Childhood Weight Management, and is a Certified Diabetes Educator by the AADE.  Sharon is committed to helping people change their eating behaviors to improve their health with practical, accurate nutrition information.

My Nutrition Approach:

I think as myself as a “facilitator of nutrition change”.  Clients come to my practice seeking information, and help with improving their health.  Making lifestyle changes is not easy: I have been trained in nutrition counseling because I wanted the skills to help people put their goals into action.  We at Nutrition for Living are "Health coaches” by profession.  We know it takes support, accountability and time to achieve a better weight, better blood sugars, better health.  I strive to be  well-informed in evidenced-based nutrition while being skillful in helping people make lifestyle changes.

My Life in the World of Nutrition:

I started Nutrition for Living in 1982 because I realized that people had no access to nutrition professionals in a “wellness setting”.  Outpatient nutrition clinics were rare—I even started one at the old Coatesville Hospital before I left to have children.  That experience led me to think about bringing nutrition services to the public. I found that people were willing to sit in a pleasant, non-hospital-type environment and ask questions, receive guidance, and make changes when connected with a professional, and pay out of pocket!  My clients did well and the Chester County community ( former clients, doctor, and therapists) learned of our success and continue to refer.  Insurance companies now see the value that nutrition play in health and prevention of illness, and some insurance companies cover our services for free!  See information about fees and insurance coverage.

Through the years, I have worked in a variety of environments as I continued growing the private practice.   I have added other registered dietitians to the practice who share my vision and add a broader range of experience.  We try to match your nutrition needs to the dietitian who could best serve you. Personally, I have lived through divorce, remarried, raised 5 daughters ( 2 of mine 3 of his) and have been a working mom throughout.  These experiences also prepare me to understand my clients lives, and how food issues are part of coping.

Present and Past Professional Experiences:

Diabetes Nutrition Writer—

ChristianaCare Weight Management Program: Nutrition Counseling, Weight Loss Surgery education,  diabetes teaching.

Nemours; Co-authored Growing Healthy Kids—a group based weight loss program for kids

Robard S.T.A.R. Program—Authored a Weight Maintenance program “Steps to Arrest Regain”

Adjunct professor at St Joseph’s University ( Nutrition Entrepreneurism),

Immaculata, Neuman and Chester County Nursing Schools Faculty


Corporate Weight Loss Programs, Supermarket tours, Videos, Cooking Classes, Newspaper and  website  writing ( Dr.Koop website), educational materials.

Maureen Boccella, R.D., L.D.N., M.S., C.D.E.

Professional Background


I received my undergraduate degree in Dietetics from the University of Delaware and then completed my dietetic internship from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. I worked for 10 years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia as a clinical dietitian specializing in oncology, pediatrics, cardiology and surgery.  While there I completed a Masters Degree in Nutrition Marketing/Health Education from St. Joseph’s University.  I eventually came to The Chester County Hospital where I work in Outpatient Nutrition and the Radiation Oncology Unit.  I completed my certification as a diabetes educator and enjoy teaching both the basic and intensive management diabetes classes.

My Philosophy

I am willing to work with a client in any way needed to facilitate change.  I can serve as a guide and reference to help individuals make the necessary health changes to their diet and lifestyle.  There is no one approach which will work for all people rather the approach should be individualized.  However all of this will only work with someone who is ready to make changes.

My Expertise


I posses a strong clinical background from my training at Thomas Jefferson Hospital and am able to assist with health problems related to gastroenterology, cardiology, renal, and oncology.  I have extensive experience with weight loss for both adults and children.  Lastly, as a diabetes educator I can help you manage diabetes whether you use insulin or oral meds or are presently not on medication.

Adrien Trevisan, R.D., L.D.N.

Adrien Trevisan is a Registered Dietitian with a B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics from West Chester University and a B.A. in Psychology from University of Delaware.  Adrien specializes in counseling clients with eating disorders, and was previously employed by The Renfrew Center of Radnor.  In addition, Adrien enjoys working with children and adolescents, and has counseled clients as young as seven.  Since joining Nutrition for Living in 2012, Adrien has assisted clients with a wide variety of nutritional needs, and enjoys helping individuals reach their goals with a realistic approach to change.  Her clients would describe her as understanding, compassionate, and firm--the perfect combination for facilitating success!

Lisa Diewald, R.D., M.S., LDN

Professional Background


I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences from Drexel University and began my career as a clinical dietitian at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where I provided care to patients with neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease. I went on to earn a Master’s of Science degree in Health Education from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Later, I became a renal nutrition specialist, caring for patients following kidney transplant surgery or receiving maintenance dialysis. I grew interested in disease prevention and health promotion and worked at Graduate Hospital providing weight management counseling and later at Drexel University developing programs for students centered on obesity prevention and physical activity. I returned to University of Pennsylvania at the Perelman School of Medicine. I have been collaborating with researchers and practitioners on behavioral and drug studies for obesity treatment for both children and adults. I provide lifestyle counseling to groups and individuals using a variety of methods and address pre-existing conditions as well, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia  and high blood pressure in their dietary treatment plan.

My Philosophy


I strongly believe that it is possible for anyone to become a healthier version of him or herself regardless of the medical, psychological or physical challenges that may confront an individual.  “A healthier you is within reach” is my motto and my coaching style reflects this philosophy. I work closely with clients to identify goals and strengths,  address barriers that may get in the way of progress,  monitor and make adjustments as needed, and partner with them to help them achieve, sustainable behavioral and dietary changes. By designing a tailor-made eating plan for each client, and using a myriad of nutritional and behavioral strategies, long lasting, and healthier lifestyle changes-and an improved sense of well-being and renewed self-confidence- are right around the corner.

My Expertise


I have expertise in a variety of nutrition-related areas, including pediatric and adult weight management and a variety of medical conditions requiring a therapeutic diet, such as kidney and liver disease, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides, and many other nutrition-related health concerns. 

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